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Casca in the end flees from Rickert, sending Guts on a frantic chase to discover her. We see Guts figuring out how to battle close by the hired soldiers despite the fact that he is only a kid and his sword is as large as him. Griffith makes a second Band of the Hawk with Zodd and other satanic Apostles among its positions to fight the attacking Kushan armed force. Welcome, now you are now viewing 107 raw, Berserk all for free!

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Here you can read Berserk 107 raw english online for free.

I was interested which character is going to wind up with. After two years, Guts is joined by a mythical being named Puck and a youthful cheat named Isidro. Guts spends the following year of his life preparing to improve as a swordsman, yet comes back to the Band of the Hawk when he learns of Griffith's and the Band's destinies.