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Guts and Casca, his made insane sweetheart, were the main survivors. Welcome and entertain yourself with 113 raw of Berserk series in english. Guts ensures Casca and stays and battles with the goal that she can escape and bring fortifications. Wild is the top rated item (Not only manga) in Dark Horse's history, with more than two million duplicates sold as of September, 2018.

Read Berserk 113 raw english online for free.
Here you can read Berserk 113 raw english online for free.

The two duel in single battle and Guts wins in a solitary blow. You have found the best site to enjoy and read Berserk chapters for free. In North America and the United Kingdom, the manga is interpreted and co-distributed between Dark Horse Comics and Digital Manga Publishing, which has discharged 39 volumes up until now, the first on October 22, 2003.