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Griffith's military scores a quick triumph with Griffith conveying the last blow against the mammoth head in the peak of the fight. They are before long joined by the witch Schierke who educates Farnese enchantment and discredits the impacts of the brand on Guts and Casca. A youthful Guts appears and slaughters the knight in one on one battle to gather the reward cash. Guts almost executes Casca however Griffith intercedes and overcomes Guts in a split second.

Read Berserk 357 raw english online for free.
Here you can read Berserk 357 raw english online for free.

The Hawks accomplish an incredible triumph which realizes the finish of the Hundred Year War against Tudor. There's a manga for that. Guts in the long run grabs the eye of Griffith, the radiantly alluring pioneer of the soldier of fortune gathering, 'Band of the Hawk' (鷹の団 Taka no Dan).